Vitamix Whole Bean Soy Milk / Soy Yogurt

I’ve recently been making some soymilk with my vitamix. The idea is simple: grind the hell out of whole soybeans and get a wholefood soymilk. Usual recipes will have you strain the soymilk, which removes nutrients (particularly fiber). The resulting soymilk is a bit grainier, but the vitamix does an excellent job of producing a smooth milk.

The recipe is here. The cost of this is very low. Soy beans are about $1/lb at my local bulk bin, and this recipe uses about 1/4 lb, so I can produce two quarts of soy milk/yogurt for about 30 cents total. Considering that a quart of soy yogurt is usually about $3.50 or so, this saves me about 6 dollars per batch.

Three things I want to stress:
1) USE BOILING WATER. Using boiling water when grinding deactivates an enzyme that can give soymilk a beany flavor that most people don’t like as much.
2) The simmering for 20 minutes is to deactivate trypsin inhibitors in soy which are potentially problematic in soy-based foods.
3) I added sugar to this recipe because I use the soymilk to make yogurt. My results were poor fermenting the unsweetened soymilk. Once I added the sugar (which gives it a calorie density very comparable to 2% milk), fermentation worked great.

I use this to make yogurt, of which I eat about one cup per day. The total amount of soy in that one cup is not very great, so I don’t worry too much. The yogurt actually turns out great. It’s very creamy, much more so than the skim yogurt I used to make with dairy. As a note, to get started, I purchased some soy yogurt, and used a bit of it to start the culture. Since then, it has been self sustaining.

Lastly, I don’t think this would work with a standard blender as I doubt it would grind the soy up fine enough. A vitamix, or similarly powerful blender, is probably needed.