Marathon (26.2 Miles) in 2:57:18 (6:46/mile)

Finishing the Memphis Marathon

About six months ago, my friend Jake Logan asked me if I was interested in training for a marathon together. I was reluctant because I had been injured on and off for a while at that time, but I agreed. I’m so glad Jake and I started our training together. Having a friend doing the same training program (The Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training, FIRST, program), was a huge motivator for both of us. I think I speak for us both when I say that the FIRST program is excellent and a great way to prepare for a first marathon.

On December 6, 2008, I ran the St. Jude Memphis Marathon in 2:57:18 missing my goal time of 2:55 by slightly more than 2 minutes. It was a cold day. The race started at about 30 degrees. I was 51st overall and 10th in my age group out of more than 2200 finishers. The official results are here, and here are my approximate splits taken from my watch:

Mile Lap Pace Split Overall Pace
3 19:12.94 6:24.3 19:12 6:24.3
6 19:56.78 6:38.9 39:09 6:31.5
9 18:57.23 6:19.0 58:06 6:27.3
12 20:19.78 6:46.5 1:18:26 6:32.1
15 20:04.41 6:41.4 1:38:31 6:34.0
18 20:29.08 6:49.6 1:59:00 6:36.6
21 20:14.12 6:44.7 2:19:14 6:37.8
24 21:38.23 7:12.7 2:40:52 6:42.1
25 7:20.44 7:20.44 2:48:13 6:43.7
26.2 9:05:40 7:34.5 2:57:18 6:46.0

There are a few pictures from the race with my Flickr marathon tag. There are also some professional pictures you can see accessing my bib number (259).

I was pleased with my performance, but I think I went out too fast, which is one of my common problems. One problem was that I really didn’t know what I was capable of, but I should have stuck better with my game plan of shooting for 2:55. Instead, at the halfway mark, I was on pace for 2:50. To qualify for the NYC marathon, I needed to run 2:55. I can also qualify for NY by running a half-marathon in 1:23. My current PR for the half is 1:25 (which I ran on the way to my 2:57 marathon). My plan for the future is to first rest and make sure I’m really strong and injury free before starting any hard training. Secondly, I plan to train for a half-marathon with a goal of doing 1:21 sometime this spring. With that qualifying time, I would then train to do the NY marathon in the fall.


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