Completed Week 4 of Marathon Training

This is a small progress report on my marathon training.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I am following the Furman Institute training program. You can download their “First to Finish” marathon training program to see exactly what I am following. I really enjoy having a precise plan. If you are thinking of getting more into running and are not working with a coach or working from a plan, I highly recommend taking a look at one of Furman’s plans. They have 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon plans. Working with a plan is a smart move.

I’ve been able to hold the paces, I’ve felt good, and I’ve been looking forward to the runs. I am making one modification: I’m making my long runs 10% longer than they call for, and I’ll probably do a couple of 24 milers at my peak: week 8 and week 6. I want to be well prepared so I can go hard on race-day.

My main concern is to avoid injury, and in that regard, I think I’m doing well. I have been using the cold therapy pool at my gym after my runs and I believe it helps my muscles and joints recover from each workout.

That’s it. Not much exciting to report. Perhaps the most exciting thing was that I ran 22 miles yesterday, which is 3 miles longer than I had ever run prior. That will be the record for about a month until I get up to 24 miles, which will be the record until I do 26.2.