Welcome to the Personal Blog

I’ve maintained a combined work and personal blog for a while.  I’ve decided to separate the work from personal stuff.  Mostly because I often think of things I’d like to write, but since my web page is used for students and collaborators to find contact information for me, my work web page might not be the most appropriate place for it.

The fact is, I’m a goofy human being with hopes and fears like anyone.  Sometimes I win, often I lose.  However, a work web page has to come off more like a resume, and resumes are about selling yourself.  This blog is not about selling myself, to the degree that anything someone says about themselves can not be selling.  It is about sharing information that might be interesting to personal friends and family.  There will probably be a lot of stuff about races, random emotionalism about music, stories about my dogs, politics, etc.

Such is the burden of the Internet: you get a bunch of know-it-alls spouting off at the mouth.


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